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Q. When is my wedding checklist due?

A. Checklists are due two week before your wedding date

Q. what if I submit my checklist but something changes on my timeline or itinerary?

A. Just email us with your updated information and we'll add it to your file!


Q. How long will I need to wait for my photos?

A. You will receive a sneak peek of a couple photo's within a week. Wait times for your final images are 2-3 weeks for engagement sessions and 6-8 weeks for wedding images.

Q. How do I receive my photo's?

A. Photos will be delivered as digital downloads, Signature packages also receive a USB with their package

Q. How many photos will I receive?

A. A minimum of 50/hr. i.e 8 hours of photography will net a minimum of 800 images

Q. When is payment due?

A. Deposits are due at contract signing, full payment is due 1 week before your wedding. We accept post dated cheques and e-mail transfers

Q.Do I need a backup location in case of rain?

A. Yes, unless you are prepared to have your photos in the rain, it is a good idea to have a back up. Please make sure to find out the rules and fee's associated with your indoor back up. Most spaces expect pre booking and charge a usage fee.

Q. Should family photo's be taken at the ceremony location, or should family come along for the full formal session at a separate location?

A. We recommend doing family photos directly after your ceremony at your venue, people often get lost or even disapear and having a large party accompany you on your formal cn slow your party down considerably. If you do choose to bring family to a location, please make sure that everyone has proper directions and knows when and where they are expected to meet.

Q. What happens if our wedding is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances?

A. Deposits are taken to reserve dates and cover consultation fees, etc. If you do not reschedule, your deposit is unfortunately forfeit, but you will not be charged the remainder of your balance and any balance paid beyond the deposit will be fully refunded, even if you cancel the day of your wedding, up until the time we start working. After work commences, refunds will be calculated as a percentage of hours worked. We understand that life happens and some things are beyond anyone's control, we will make every effort to accommodate a new date if you reschedule, if your main photographer is already booked with another couple for your rescheduled date, an associate photographer will be provided




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