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The Elegance Team

Jennifer Ostopovich, Owner and Primary Photographer


I enrolled in some film photography courses in collage and was immediately hooked. I've been photographing weddings for over 14 years now, 9 years part time and 5 as a full time wedding photographer. It's been an amazing journey, I feel so fortunate to have been trusted to tell so many beautiful love stories and to get to do what I love every single day.


I'm a lover of books, (classic lit., history and philosophy are my jam) an amateur painter (I love to paint watercolors) a traveler and an urban backyard farmer. I love to create, whether that be food, craft brewing, or creating photos, I'm all about the creative process! I'm certified to keep bee's and I grow enough veggies each year to fill hundreds of canning jars and I love to experiment with unique canning recipes (jalapeno pineapples, or pickled broccoli, anyone?) I also brew an assortment of specialty wines and ciders (raspberry wine is my fave so far!) Most of all I love creating beautiful images and my work has been featured in multiple wedding magazines and online wedding blogs.

When I'm not behind the camera taking photos, or in front of my computer editing them, you can generally find me in my garden,elbow deep in dirt, or in my kitchen surrounded by my husband, my two incredible and spirited daughters and our family dogs and cats.

Associate And Second Photographers

Emma Wood


Hello! My name is Emma Wood - and I am passionate about Body Positivity and Love! I have been capturing the true beauty of life through wedding and boudoir photography since 2011 - when I moved to Canada from England with my hubby.

Beyond my life behind the lens - I live life through rose-tinted spectacles! I am a smiler, a crafter, a wife and a soon to be mom of a pot-bellied pig named Annie (and hopefully chickens, and donkeys and cows and horses!!)

I love living in the middle of nowhere and I love that I grew up on a farm – but I do love venturing into the city every now and then!

As much as I love the comforts of my home, curling up with my hubby or reading a book while enjoying a cup of tea - I am a wanderlust and my travels have taken me far and wide…Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and a few places in the states. And I am lucky enough that my job has taken me to some of the places too. I love to explore - and would much prefer to take in the views of snow-capped mountains or roam the streets of romantic, ancient cities, but I wouldn’t say no to relaxing on a hot sandy beach, either!

Jezelle Johnson


I love weddings, even as a teenage girl when I started my collection of bridal books and magazines. I had my own dream wedding in 2016 and feel like I really understand brides and their worries!


I took a photography course in Costa Rica and my love of photography has been growing since, I love doing family and lifestyle photos and shooting for Elegance photography. I also work as a Pediatric Nurse at the Stollery Children's hospital, I love traveling (my dream is to set foot on every continent before I turn 30!) and I have mad love for dogs especially my two giant dogs, Lola and Hendrix. I look forward to being able to help make every bride's dream come true and capture their special day!

Kimberly Mazzie Campbell


I believe in finding the beauty in simplicity, mixing adventure and romance to tell your story. If this sounds like you, then I am your gal! When I'm not creating beautiful photographs for my clients, you can find me in my art studio painting or scrapbooking! In my downtime I might be playing games (**ahem...winning/losing gracefully) with my family or doing one of my other favourite things, camping in the mountains!

I have been happily married to my wonderful husband for 23 years now! Even after all those years, when he looks at me, my heart still skips a beat.

Living a life with the man of my dreams is a little like planning a wedding, sometimes it's a little touch and go and stressful, but our love is the's the thing that holds us together. And because I have experienced this EVERYDAY and have for the last 23 years, I’m going to craft images, that like your marriage, will stand the test of time. 


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